Get the More Cost-Effective, Less-Corrosive HCl Acid


Hydrochloric acid (and its fumes) have the potential to corrode human tissue and damage the respiratory system, intestine, skin, mucous membranes and eyes irrevocably.

Why put your employees and operations at risk when there’s a high-performing, safer alternative? Berryman produces intensely concentrated modified acid solutions that perform comparably to hydrochloric acid, while being far safer for humans and the environment. They have minimal fumes, are noncorrosive to skin and tissue, and biodegrade more quickly.

Talk to our team about securing a high-performing Berryman modified acid solution customized for your operations.

Berryman Modified HCl Acid Benefits

Available in strengths equivalent to up to 25 percent hydrochloric acid

Non-damaging to wireline and equipment so you don’t have to remove equipment

High thermal stability

Concentrations adjustable on the fly


HCR-7000™ meets your acid requirements while eliminating corrosion issues, HSE risks and transportation difficulties in environments up to 375° F. Major wireline vendors have approved the use of HCR-7000, and it’s an efficient, low-fuming modified acid with similar solubilizing abilities to 15 percent hydrochloric acid.


Our varied HCR-6000™ series can replace your current acid system at temperatures up to 430° F. These formulas have solubilizing abilities comparable up to 25 percent HCl acid, while being far less toxic.

Easier to Transport

You can dilute our modified acids on a 1:1 to 1:100 ratio depending on your application, which reduces the burdens of transportation and storage.

Noncorrosive and Time-Saving

Our modified acids provide unparalleled corrosion protection at high temperatures, and you can use them with wireline and perforating tools without compromising their integrity, cutting more than an hour per stage.

Powerful and Versatile

Operators have successfully used modified acids in workovers, stimulations and fracs at high temperatures as well as long-term displacement treatments and remedial applications.