Modified Acid vs. Hydrochloric Acid: Get the Details


Hydrochloric acid can corrode human tissue and cause irrevocable damage to eyes, skin and intestines. Berryman produces a safer alternative that performs comparably to hazardous hydrochloric acid. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Extensive third-party laboratory tests have compared the Enviro-Syn® HCR-6000™ and HCR-7000™ Series to hydrochloric acid.

View the third-party lab tests comparing modified acid to hydrochloric acid and its applications for workovers, fracs, wireline operations, stimulations and recompletions.

Get the white paper comparing modified acid and hydrochloric acid performance.

Berryman Modified HCl Acid Benefits

Available in strengths equivalent to up to 25 percent hydrochloric acid

Non-damaging to wireline and equipment

High thermal stability

Concentrations adjustable on the fly